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Club Mentors

This is a list of our club mentors and their contact details.

Club mentors can add/update their contact details by filling out the registration form 

Once it has been review and approved it will be added to the list below.
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TeamsGameMentorPhoneWeb Page
TeamsGameMentorPhoneWeb Page
A.H.L 2 Hurling Dave Mc Grath 0868932674  
General Ladies Football Jason Byrne 086-8508753  
Minor Hurling Dave Geary 086-6059699 Minor Hurling 
Ogra Ogra (Age 5-7) Seamus Dunne 087-2515524 Ogra 
Senior 1 Camogie Kevin Broderick 0868064230  
Senior 6 Camogie Brian Kavanagh 086-6084473  
U10 Hurling Kevin Fitzpatrick 087-2779876 U10 
U10 Gaelic Football Conor Pitts  087-2199555 U10 
U10 Camogie/Ladies Football Ide Doherty 086-3806454 U10 
U10 Camogie/Ladies Football Leonora Conlon 087-2987212 U10 
U10 Camogie/Ladies Football Maggie McDonnell 086-3851703 U10 
U11 Hurling / Football Stuart Baldwin 087-6288060 U11 
U11 Camogie/Ladies Football Francisco Moran 086-8542843 U11 
U12 Hurling / Football Neil Kelly 087-6862511 U12 
U12 Camogie/Ladies Football Anthony Kelly 087-2427386 U12 
U12 Camogie/Ladies Football Antoinette Kelly 086-6074757 U12 
U12 Camogie/Ladies Football Kevin Brassil 087-7995228 U12 
U12 Camogie/Ladies Football Patrick Peake  U12 
U13 Hurling Denis Gleeson 087-273-0966 U13 
U13 Gaelic Football Michael Hanley 086-8030020 U13 
U13 Gaelic Football Shay McAweeney 087-638-2886 U13 
U13 Camogie/Ladies Football Conor Lee 086-2841031  U13 
U13 Camogie/Ladies Football Niall Dowdall 086-8396839 U13 
U13 Camogie/Ladies Football Wendy Moran 086-3816522 U13 
U14 Hurling / Football Aidan Hurley 087-9113268 U14 - Hurling & Football 
U14 Hurling / Football Bart Lawlor 086-3806222 U14 - Hurling & Football 
U14 Hurling / Football Bernard McGuirk 086-7718000  U14 
U14 Hurling / Football Jim Dollard 087-2870042 U14 
U14 Hurling / Football Ken Lodge 087-7830367  
U14 Hurling / Football Marius Herbert 086-8131321 U14 
U15 Camogie/Ladies Football Eamonn Doherty 087-4172106 U15 
U15 Camogie/Ladies Football Fintan O'Hanlon  U15 
U15 Camogie/Ladies Football Geoff McCormack 087-9806540 U15 
U15 Camogie/Ladies Football Ger McGloin 086-8580291 U15 
U15 Camogie Paul Bourke 086-8211419 U15 
U16 Hurling Mick Walsh 086-3854991 U16 
U16 Gaelic Football Adrian McCormack 086-1642109 U16 - Football 
U16 Gaelic Football Brendan Keane 087-2679233 U16 - Football 
U16 Camogie Denis Gleeson 087-2730966 U16 
U16 Camogie Jim Bissett 086-0636379 U16 
U16 Camogie Joe Nannery 087-6624665 U16 
U16 Camogie Mary Lawlor 087-2416810 U16 
U16 Camogie Mary Stack 087-7776996 U16 
U16 Camogie Seamus Gallagher 087-7775002 U16 
U16 Camogie Susan O'Connor 087-9011574 U16 
U8 Hurling / Football Martin Gibney 087-7438781 U8 
U9 Hurling / Football Karl Heaney 087-6494957 U9 
U9 Camogie/Ladies Football Tom Reynolds 087-2210492 U9 Ladies Football and Camogie Team 
Showing 48 items