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Mary Lawlor Hits Hurricane at W5

posted Nov 29, 2011, 1:40 PM by Kevin Brassil   [ updated Nov 29, 2011, 1:49 PM ]
Well the start time was set for the very early hour of 8am in the night. There were children of all makes and ages getting breakfast shoved into them in the backs of cars and hairs brushed by the sides of the roads. The likes the goings on outside of the Raheny Garda station had never seen before. We had a few stragglers but all were accounted for and shoved... sorry loaded onto the coaches with love from deeply saddened parents. 42 and 8 .... 42 and 8 these would be the figures most spoken off throughout the day by the U10 CFF and able bodied assistants. We were up the road and onto the M1 before half of the girls (or adults!) had managed to wake up fully... this obviously didn’t include Aoife O'Donovan who seemed to have been given raw Duracell for breakfast and started off at a serious pace (God love her poor parents!)

An impromptu pit stop happened at AppleGreen on the M1 and I have never seen Susan Gaffey smile so much and sprint off the buss screaming Coffeeeeee. We didn’t know this but the other bus with the U11’s on it decided to all disembark and have a play in the playground and a spot of breakfast, but this was cut short by a sharp shrill blast on the feadog from Fintan and a “Get back on the bus NOW”. Were on the road again….. This is where The Director came into his own "The Quiz" was brought out and answer sheets were distributed by the U10 CFF. Now normally Bunny Carr hasn’t a patch on our Eamonn with a mike but Lauren Robinson stole the show with beautiful pronunciation that would put Joe Duffy out of work even if a few answers were let slip by mistake. The questions covered the whole spectrum of general knowledge .....and then some. We even discovered a new species of animal “The lesser spotted Pengwing” a native of Tipperary. We wont mention the lyrics round but we all asked the question " what type of taste in music does Eamonn have?". 

The fun lasted right up until we got to W5 where we got a little impromptu "Tour Guide Barby" from Jeff Peate before we all disembarked with gusto and were met by our W5 rep who gave us all the ".. In the event of ...2 exists over each wing... etc" and then we opened up the flood gates... literally and the U10's hit the little girls and boys rooms. The bags were left for the lunch breaks and we did the 42 and 8 again and off we went on the Discovery tour. Eamonn and Jeff discovered their musical side with the light and paddle show. There were shouts of "LIAR" heard on numerous occasions but don’t panic that was just the girls on the lie detector that was a bit on the busted side but great fun. The picture activity wall went down a treat with them spray painting all sorts on the walls Orla Kelly clearly has talent in the graffiti department. The Holopod was also a big hit. With the News Presenter TV station a close 3rd. I can keep typing but I cant remember half the activities we had and this was all before lunch.
We broke early for lunch and had a well earned break in the room they kindly put aside for us. Away we went for round 2. The balance/reaction and heart rate monitor had them all in a sweat... and they thought that they had the morning off from training. The “Hidden elements at work” or as it was called the yoke that fires the tennis balls up in the air provided even more exercise and then right next door hauling people up on chairs… it is rumored that it took 7 girls and 1 adult to lift a certain mentor up but I’m disputing that straight away. The Big Experiment  gathered all the girls back together again with Sinead, Eilish and Lucy playing the roles of the Lovely Assistants during the demonstration. The biggest hit on the 2nd floor seemed to have been the Who Wins Why or tug-of-war with the mentors being soundly beaten by ALL the girls, but I blame Jeff and Eamonn for laughing and putting us off our rhythm and the ref Deirdre Kelly gave us nothing.
All too quickly the 42 and 8 was called back into action as we gathered for the exit to the busses. Down the musical staircase we all went with the biggest kid of the lot waiting till the end Jeff McCormack where he did his own rendition of “Ferris Beullers day off” piano scene (Barabara he is truly blessed!!). One more  42 and 8 and we set off for home. On the way Eamonn gave out the answers to the quiz and this got us all the way to the City North Hotel for a well earned Pit Stop for some of the contingent. Lunch/dinner was served and come the end there wasn’t even a spare chip left over. Back on the bus after a 42 and 8 and the results of the “Murphys Micro Quizm” were declared …. A tie…. A tie-breaker was called for and the usual Name the counties in Munster/Connaught and the round-trip to Belfast is … and we still couldn’t split them. An X-Factor sing off  was called for by Deirdre and Collette and Aoife O’Donovan stepped up and belted one out. She was matched by “The back of the bus” crew and still we were at Deadlock… Irish was next up and then Spanish and we were still at an impass not even the UN could solve. A DRAW we’ll call it says The Director and all went home happy just as we pulled into the club