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All Ireland Feile 2012 - The Parade

posted Jul 10, 2012, 7:48 AM by Ger McGloin

Lets just say that before we had The Parade there was The Feeding. All through the morning and day there were the women of the Raheny Sangwich Brigade busy buying up every large sliced pan in Super Value like they had just gotten a text from Noah letting them know that the Big Flood was tomorrow. There was sangwich making on an industrial scale going on in lots of kitchens in the parish and let me say just like Father Ted in the Lovely Girls episode..... They were ALL lovely Sangwiches.

After the matches we all congregated back in the Club hall for a feed of biblical proportions. There was hot dogs, sandwiches of every shape color and filling and dont let anybody kid you triangle sandwiches taste as good as square ones..... maybe its the tin foil that makes the difference. The tae and coffee was flowing and the kitchen never looked so busy. The teams came in and were seated along the sides just like a good awld Ceile with the boys on one side of the hall and the girls on the other with the parents/mentors in the middle just like the Parish priest making sure that there was no funny stuff going on...... wait till Friday.

Into the Feile hoodies and runners and onto the busses/cars for the trip to Croker. We all met up on Jonses Road and got some photos outside the hallowed ground. We piled into the Hogan stand and were seated right behind the lads and in from of the Lucan and Sligo lads. This is where I'm thankfull that we have such well behaved girls because we were there for over 2 hours waiting with very little to do. Dont get me wrong the Raheny girls did their best to make sure that they spread the Feile feeling all the way to Sligo where the poor lads never knew what hit them.... Priceless

Eventually we were sprung from the stands and onto the hallowed turf of Croke Park......well nearly as we were corralled onto the sidelines and down and out the Nally Stand exit. The banner was heaved aloft and the club and county flags were unfurled .....Lines of 4... Lines of 4 we were told as we left and started to march proudly down Jonses road and onto Fitzgibbon Street and around Mountjoy Square and passed Barrys Hotel.... the stories that could be told from that place on All Ireland week-ends. Onto Parnell Street and down to O'Connell Street behind our band and all the time scanning the sides of the streets for friendly faces.... Suddenly Kylemore came into view and we spotted the Raheny supporters and a huge roar went out which even managed to halt Michel O'Muircheartaigh in mid sentence at the viewing stand. We rounded Middle Abbey Street and here we wound up the banner and flags and started to walk to Gadener street. Along the way the parents arrived to take most of the Raheny contingent home and the rest boarded the Glenealy bus for home. 

We arrived back to home base and the host families came to pick up their newly adopted Girls and mentors and home they all went to get some grub and some sleep. The warning went out to each and every one of them "Bed early and no messin"... Roll on Feile Day 2