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All Ireland Feile 2012 - Day 1 Thursday 5th July

posted Jul 10, 2012, 7:47 AM by Ger McGloin
Firstly let me thank everybody who had any involvement in the Feile as they made it a superb occasion to be involved in. There were many people who tirelessly worked away in the background to make it the occasion that it was but without them there would have been no sangwiches, no tae, no pitch, no bloody Feile and no craic. 

After much preparations and many many meetings the Raheny Feile 2012 Committee sat for the final meeting on Tuesday 3rd July. Due to the weather there had been many rushed phone calls over the previous 3-4 days to our local neighbours Clontarf to see if we could get the the use of their "New Pitch" in St Pauls.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the pitch was second to none. Apart from it being huge it was in great shape even after the torrents of rain that had fallen on it over the last 3 weeks. When we told the girls that they would be playing on the pitch that Dublin had been training on on the previous Saturday they were delighted. There was even a spectators mound to watch the sporting festivities from carefully roped off to keep them all back off the golden sod.  

We welcomed the Glenealy contingent at 11am at the club but they weren't the first to arrive as the Glenealy Reconnaissance Platoon had arrived the previous evening there had been calls from someone from Glenealy wanting to know where the pitch was that we would be playing on so that they could have a puck around on. They all came off the bus and were brought into the hall and Pat and Mary dealt the girls and mentors off to their respective host families. They all said their hellos and had a quick chat and then back out to he bus to get their bags/cases..... they ARE only saying for 3 days but the cases still kept coming. Away they went with instructions to be back for 12:45. 

The convoy left the club for the pitch at 1:00 as Camogie was up first for 1:30. A quick warm up and a feel for the pitch before we called them in to announce the team and have a last minute chat. Away they went and spread out around the pitch. Now I'm not joking here when I say that if we wanted to shout at someone on the far side of this pitch that we would have been better with a long distance phone call it was that far away. Raheny started the better of the 2 teams and were it not for the Gleanealy net minder who stopped about 5 point blank efforts the game would have been over as a contest in the first half. As it happened everything we asked the girls to do at all the training sessions came off perfectly, the hand passing was superb, the blocking and hooking was great to watch, the make yourself big when defending worked a treat. With all these working the confidence was raised and the scores came. Half-time..... the day was so warm that the liquids and oranges/strawberries (I told you that there were loads tirelessly working in the background) were devoured and the mentors went around each of the girls to have a chat and a bit of encouragement where required. No changes were required. The second half started where the first left off with Raheny winning the throw in and up the park to pepper the Glenealy goal once more. After about 10 mins of intense pressure being piled on Glenealy finally had enough and you could see that they were struggling but in fairness they never gave up. Time to empty the bench and on they came with last minute instructions being given as they sprinted onto the pitch. Raheny finished out the match with some fine scores being taken and it was a great spectacle to watch .... so I'm told. When I eventually looked behind me when the final whistle blew it was only then I could see how many supporters had taken time off work to bring their families and come out and support "Their Club".  Once the final whistle blew it was a relief all round and you could see the delight on the girls faces. A really quick warm down and back to the side of the pitch. 

Next up the boys delivered a brilliant performance against their Longford visitors but I'll let somebody else write that one up....