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August 2017
A huge thanks  to two different sponsors this month.
John Gorman of Office Chairs and Eileen Doherty have been extremely generous and we now have a great supply of footballs, sliotars, carry bags, training cones and First Aid kits.
It is very much appreciated by mentors, kids and parents of the group. 


Our Boys at their Jersey Presentation from Brian "Fento" Fenton from our proud sponsor Byrne and Company Solicitors in Swords. 

Below the boys get presented with Under Armour from Kevin Hollingsworth of Omega Surveyors. A huge thank you to Kevin.

Training Changes:

Please note that training will start at the earlier time of 5.30pm going forward on Mondays on Pitch 10.
This will facilitate the boys getting more exposure to drills.

Game Schedule
Saturday 16th September - Football

3 Team HOME (Pitch 19) to Na Fianna at 10am 
Team AWAY to Round Towers - Lusk at 11am.

2017 Under 9 - 2008 Proposed League Schedule
See provisional schedule below for 2017. This is subject to change but is fairly close to final


Teamer Notifications for Matches and Events

Hi all,
With the new Under 9 season starting back on Saturday 18th February, We are looking at using a new app called TEAMER to communicate with all parents going forward.

This means it is a simpler task for both us and you to find out about matches, training and special events. You will get an email when a match, training or event is upcoming and you can simply tap on Accept/Decline button in the email if your son cannot make it. All details and a map to the game will be included in the email.

An example of the email you will get:

Alternatively you will be able to download the app on your phone for free and this will allow you track all details in one easy place. The app is completely optional and you will still get emails will be sent a link for the app in the first email anyway.

Once accepted you will see the map etc...similar to below.

It also means that at short notice we will be able to send cancellation texts and confirm everyone gets them.

There is no cost to use this system but if you do reply to a text it will cost between 10 and 16c depending on your phone provider. Email or app responses  are free. We have limited free texts to send each month so will only use these for short notice events where possible.

It means the mentors see immediately who is available for playing.

We appreciate your help here and if anyone needs any support with this please don't hesitate to contact Martin at or 087 7438781

Christmas Party 2016:
For the boys Christmas party we have booked the Plex In Coolock for this Saturday 26th November 2016 from 10.30 to 12.30.  The boys will be split in 2 and will do bowling and quasar albeit in separate groups.   There will be then be food afterwards and the collection time will be 1pm for the boys.  If you could have the boys there for 10.15 on Saturday morning to allow us to get organised.  The majority of the money for the party will be coming out of the subs but we are asking each boy’s parents to pay €5.00 towards the party.   The overall cost is coming out at €14.00 per boy to include the meal.  Muriel will be collecting the €5.00 tonight and will also be compiling a list of the food choices for Saturday which the plex have asked us to give them in advance of Saturday.  If your son cant make Saturday please do confirm.

St Annes Pitch Map

Please be at the pitch 20-30 minutes before throw in time to allow mentors prepare teams and run a warm up with the lads.

Don't forget Jersey, hurl, shin pads and a drink.


Please be at the pitch at least 20 minutes before this time, lifts can be arranged where required, please contact a mentor.

Driving Directions

Type in your address and the club you are travelling to above for more detailed map directions.

As our 2008 born boys are now classed as Under 9, we will now take part in the 2017 Dublin County (Northside) League. 
This year Raheny 2008 are split into two groups, Raheny Maroon and Raheny White. Both groups play every Saturday morning. Each week is alternate Football then Hurling. Home and Away matches are also alternate weeks.

The mentors have split the groups fairly and evenly to account for the numbers required in each grouping. These are shown below.

Each week this page will be updated with match details including location and map. This will also be updated in the Google Calendar above.

Raheny Maroon Group (Group 1 below)

Raheny White Group (Group 2Y below)

Remember at this age group there are no scores recorded at the end of the game, however a point is worth 3 points and a goal is only worth 1 for the duration of the game. The first match is on February 18th. 

GoGames - Under 9 Football Rules

GoGames - Under 9 Hurling Rules

Membership for next year

As the boys will be playing officially at under 9 in Dublin County Board competition next year, each boy (and mentor) are obliged to be members of Raheny GAA. This is a requirement of the club. 

Membership fees are used to fund core Raheny GAA running costs including player insurance, County Board fees etc. The membership fee for 2017 is €95 for juvenile members and €100 for mentors, family membership was €275. For more information, please see It can be paid in two installments if required. 

The club intends that anyone not registered will not be allowed (or insured) to play for the club. Given the ongoing tough economic times, if there are any difficulties with paying membership, please contact any mentor, Conor Pitts or Kevin Fitzpatrick in complete confidence early in 2017.

Training every Saturday morning in Manor House Astro from 10am to 11:15am.
Please bring a helmet,hurl, shin pads, gum shield and a drink. It is mandatory that all kids wear a gum shield in GAA games. This is for their own safety.

Training every Monday evening from 6:30pm to 7:45pm in Manor House Gym. Indoor training so no hurl needed on these nights. Rubber tipped hurls are provided for all players.

Hurling Gear
Please note that all kids should really have their own Hemlets and Hurls at this age group. This ensures they have a proper fitting helmet which they can look after themselves.
They also will be able to practice with the hurl at home or in the park outside of training times.

Helmets and hurls can be purchased directly from Seamus Dunne in the club at a very reduced price. This makes a great Christmas gift at this time of year.

Mentors will only be bringing a very reduced number of helmets and hurls until December, after this you must provide your own gear.

From February next year there will be matches every Saturday (home followed by away) and more will follow here shortly.

Gum Shields/ Mouth Guards

It is now compulsory for all GAA players to use a gum shield/mouth guard for all training and matches. In order to be allowed play and moreover for their safety, please ensure that each boy has their own Gum Shields for every session.

Children born in 2009 but currently playing for the 2008's

As some of you will know, the current 2008 panel includes a large number of boys born in 2009. The policy of the GAA centrally and also Raheny GAA is that children should play at their own birth age. In Raheny GAA’s case, this rule also states that where children play in the age group above (the 2009 panel in the case of 2008 born children), this can only take place with the expressed agreement of a child’s birth age team mentors. As a mentor team, in view of the large number of 2009's on our panel, we agreed a policy in September just gone that in as far as possible children born in 2009 should play as early as possible with a 2009 team if one exists, which on foot of this has since been established. This allows for a smooth transition from one to the lower age group, which can be more difficult when children get older and have set friendships etc.

It also ensures that each age group has good sustainable numbers at the outset. In line with this, there is a current process whereby boys born in 2009, and who have played with the 2008 team to date, are transferring to their birth age group, our 2008 team. Furthermore, we would ask you to note also that Club’s Executive has recently confirmed that children (for us, those children born in 2009) should transfer back to their birth age (the 2009 team) at the earliest date which, in our case, is by the end of this year/start of next year. The principle here is that all children will be in their correct age group as their age group’s team prepares to enter official Dublin County Board games at under 8. For those children and parents affected, the lead mentors are available to discuss these issues with individual parents.

Croke Park Visit 2015
A Great day was had by all our boys and adults on our Croke Park visit. Superb facilities and tour of the stadium and plenty of hands on experience with Sam and Liam!
Some early pictures in here

Thanks to all involved.

Gormanstown Hurling Competition Teams and Times **** THIS COMPETITION IS NOW OVER ****

Thanks to all the children who took part.

Some videos and pictures from the event:

Practice Makes Perfect!

Football: Please click on the links below to download the the Skill Cards for the various techniques we are working on at the moment:

 Football Skill Cards
 Punt Kick
 High Catch
 Hook Kick

Hurling: Please click on the links below to download the the Skill Cards for the various techniques we are working on at the moment:

 Hurling Skill Cards
 Jab Lift
 Striking From The Hand
 Shoulder Clash

Downloads & Useful Links:

Team Mentors:

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NameRoleMobileEmail Address
Martin Gibney Mentor 087-7438781 
Brendan Byrne Lead Mentor 087-2907326 
John Conlon Mentor 087-2198833 
Rory McGrath Mentor 087-2301831 
Roy O'Donnell Mentor 087-2497404 
Colm Donegan Mentor 087-6120436 
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