June 14th, 2014

Match Reports

Round Towers V Raheny (Group 2)

 Venue:            Round Towers
 Throw In: 10:00
 No. of Raheny Teams: 2
 No. of Opponent Teams: 2
 WeatherSunny and warm

Raheny Blue

By: Conor Pitts

Mentors: Tony Lawless, Joanne Kerrisk & Conor Pitts

TeamBrian Murray, Evan Wynne, Colin McAweeney, Ciaran Kerrisk, James Pitts, Matt Lawless, Jack Codd & Sam Mitchell.

The blue team traveled out to Lusk on Saturday morning to face Round Towers. Once again they displayed great character and skills in two tight games. In the first game the last kick of the game secured a draw for the blue team though a sideline ball expertly kicked by Matt Lawless. Throughout the two games Jack Codd read the game expertly , his passing was excellent but he also forced opposing attacking players to wide areas of the pitch. Evan started  in midfield and had some great catches and hand passes. He also played in goal where his kick passes were very accurate. James when playing up front thundered a shot off the crossbar and put constant pressure on the opposing teams defence. Sam playing in midfield ran tirelessly up and down the pitch and was unlucky not to score. Ciaran  again showed his scoring ability notching up three scores. Colin kept his scoring record up with his usual few scores , his improved solo helping him get more opportunities .

Matt's link up play was excellent and he was at the centre of most of our possession play and chipped in with some vital scores.

Star man of the match was Brian who again excelled in goal with three great saves and very accurate kick outs. When outfield he was rock solid in defence , worked tirelessly in midfield and was unlucky not to score as he also hit the crossbar.

He also received a kick in the head but despite this soldiered on to put his best performance of the season in.

We continue our skill of the month competition on Thursday .

Keep practising the pick up .

Raheny Orange

Report By: Padraig Kent .

Mentors:  Padraig Kent, Tony O'Grady & Niall Watters
Team: Luke Kelly, Johnny Baldwin, Ryan Kent, Adam Roberts, Dan O'Grady, Oscar Thomas, Conor Watters & Rian Prizeman.

The Orange crew assembled in Lusk today to be entertained by Round Towers.  However in near perfect conditions and on the nicest turf we’ve played on to date it was Raheny orange that were doing the entertaining.  There was something different about the lads today and it took us a little time to figure out exactly what it was but from the first minute it was obvious anything Lusk put in front of us was in for a tough morning.  The scoring in game one started with Adam putting the ball over the bar from 12 metres.  Although he scored again this wasn’t his biggest contribution.  His tackling work rate coupled with his selfless running for his team mates meant he was a handful for their forwards when they had the ball and always available to his team mates when we had it.  Towers were no push over and they evened up the score for most of the 1st half with a fine free kick also.  Johnny pulled the ball from a defenders hand’s in their box and was in the process of delivering one of his trademark hand pass scores when two defenders pounced on his effort which was disallowed when it hit the back of the net. With everything even, the 2nd half shaped up for a brilliant contest.  Dan started the trend with a fine 22 metre strike right between the posts.  Adam soon followed up with another point from play.  Towers came back with everything they had.  Ryan was in goal for the 2nd half and stopped a brilliant strike by the opposition from 15 metres.  It was what happened next was to define the difference between both teams.  Until now Ryan’s game has been about determined tackling.  You always believe that in a one on one situation he was going to get his hand on the ball and either take it or knock it away. Today he showed how much his passing has improved.   While towers were commiserating with themselves Ryan instantly delivered a precise kick out to Adam who was running into space.  Adam in turn dropped it into Rian in the middle of crowd.  Rian burst free and on his third step dropped a surgical pass into Dan’s grasp who smiled at their keeper as he rattled the back of the net.  The process took about 4 seconds and left Towers reeling.   The difference was passing.  We are no longer thumping the ball up the pitch.  Instead we are looking ahead and picking out our men and delivering.  Towers could not do this. When they tried our tackling made it very challenging.  They got another goal from play but Adam and Conor came back with two fine strikes over the bar.  The rest of Towers scores came from free kicks which was an indication of the physical nature of the orange tackles.  There were no free shots allowed from play with our young men thwarting every effort.  Game one final score, Towers 1-3. Orange 1-5. 

Game two was more of the same.  Towers showed they were more than useful with the opening point.  However a combination of 3 perfect passes gave Rian the opportunity to thump an equalizer over the bar.  This was soon followed by two from Dan, one a free and another from play.  Rian finished the half with a strike from 15 metres.  It was just under the bar and gave their keeper absolutely no chance.  You always feel he is going to do something special when he gets the ball, however in my opinion it’s the way he makes it so easy to get him the ball.  Always moving ahead of the ball, finding space and always wanting that pass.  Luke did a fine job in goal in the first half keeping his net empty and Oscar tackled and chased for all he was worth.  Seven Red faces came off at half time but it was obvious the lads were now in their element.  Mr. Pitt’s had warned us about one of the opposition’s players.  “A very useful midfielder”.  We gave him to our 'Gooch' to play with and when he broke his heart Dan still had time to get another goal and a point.  More particularly Dan crawled up his inside leg and denied him any possession in the middle of the field which was for me the individual defensive display of the day.  Luke was now in the middle of the field and had gained confidence from his display between the posts.  With a little self belief this young man proved he was not only useful with a ball, but he was really talented at getting it back from the opposition.  It was just a matter of getting his hand on the ball and not giving in. Not ever.  If he keeps this in mind I believe he can really build on today’s performance.  Conor delivered a goal next to our tally.  Although it wasn’t that pretty it epitomised his performance today.  Persistance is the most accurate description I can give to an effort that took on their complete back line and when they got it back he wasn’t finished because he got it back again and when their keeper got his hands on it we thought that was it.  No one told Conor though, and for a few moments he stopped thinking about what he was doing and just played for the fun of it.   Through his sheer tenacity the keeper dropped the ball and that was it.  He was in like a bullet to push it into the back of the net.  He asked me “did it count?” and I let his Dad’s smile answer the question.  Oscar didn’t get on the sheet today but his efforts shows how much he has improved in the last few months.  He is such a strong young man and is really starting to make his presence felt.  The end of this story would not have been complete without Johnny.  He was determined to get that point and in his own inimitable way when he got the chance over the bar it would go at the end of his fist.  Final score Towers 1-2, Orange 3-5.  Well done Orange!!  That was a great mornings work.

St Maurs V Raheny (Group 1)

 Venue:            St. Maurs
 Throw In: 11:00
 No. of Raheny Teams: 2
 No. of Opponent Teams: 2
 WeatherSunny and warm

Raheny Green

Report By: Kieran Doherty

Mentors: Kieran Doherty and John Strain
Squad: Dylan Strain, Joseph Doherty, Luke Morgan, Luke McCullough, Mathew Dowdall, Tiarnan O'Brien, Dan O'Grady and Cian Rossi

This week the Raheny Green team went on their travels to the footballers of St Maurs and had mixed fortunes with one win and one defeat.

The regular squad were supplemented by Dillon Strain and, for the second match, by Dan O'Grady.

In the first match the teams were fairly evenly matched with 4 scores each; however the Raheny scores all went over the bar to give a 12 points to 6 victory. The second match was against a stronger Maurs team and the Green team suffered a 13 - 3 defeat. So overall, it was honours even on the day.

Across the two matches, there were fine displays from all of the players. Luke McCullough was in top scoring form with all of Raheny's points. Matthew Dowdall and Dillon Strain put in some great tackles and blocks in the backs and were a threat when playing in the forwards. Cian Rossi played very well in goal and had some terrific kick outs to put Raheny on the attack. Tiarnán O'Brien had some great efforts in attack and was very close to getting on the score sheet. Joseph Doherty was very strong in the backs and made some top class tackles and blocks. Luke Morgan played well in midfield and provided the ammunition for some of Luke McCullough's scores. Dan O'Grady joined the Greens in the second game but his skilful play and fine touch could not prevent a defeat.

Raheny Red

Report by: Paul Nolan

Mentors:  Kevin Fitzpatrick & Paul Nolan

Squad: Max Osborne, Jamie Nolan, Odhran Carmody, Ultan Fitzpatrick, Joe Bonner, Colin Mc Aweeney, Conor Watters, Martin Bishop, Joe Bonar and Adam Robinson.

In the first match the Raheny Red Team took on a strong and well organised St Maurs in Rush on a very hot and humid day. St. Maurs raced into a big lead of seven points in the first half but Raheny Reds rallied tremendously well to pull back to level scores at 7 all with excellent scores from Max Osborne and Colin Mc Aweeney who joined us from the Blue Team having played in an earlier game

This game was nip and tuck with great defending by Ultan Fitzpatrick and Adam Robinson together with two terrific saves from goalkeeper Odhran Carmody. Martin Bishop, Jamie Nolan and Joe Bonar worked very hard up fronting find a winning score but unfortunately with the last kick of the game a point secured a narrow victory for Maurs by 8 points to 7. The commitment, hard tackling and determination displayed by all the Raheny Red team members was there for all to see and all should be proud of their efforts

The second match was by comparison a low scoring affair as the heat sapped the energy of both teams. Again the football was end to end and in the end Raheny Reds won narrowly by three points following a long shot by Max Osborne from the half way line. Conor Watters joined us from the Orange Team again having played an hour earlier for his team in Lusk and showed all the skills learned over many Tuesday nights to assist in gaining a win for the Red Team.

Both coaches,Kevin and Paul , were delighted with the efforts of all the boys and in particular their use of the various skills learnt over many of the past months and the determination in never giving up until the final whistle. Keep up the great work boys and don't forget always be alert and never turn your back on the ball.