v St. Brigids - Football - 7/2/15

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Raheny U9s - Full Panel

 Venue:            St. Anne's Pitch 12A
 Throw In: 10:00
 No. of Raheny Teams: 3
 No. of Opponent Teams: 3
 WeatherBright & cold

Raheny Lions

Report By: Padraig Kent

Mentors: Paul Nolan, Brendan Shovlin and Padraig Kent

Squad:Johnny Baldwin, Jamie Nolan, Max Osborne, Conor Watters, Ultan Fitzpatrick, Ciaran Kerrisk, Oscar Thomas, Matthew Dowdall, Martin Bishop, Mathew Grant & Ryan Kent.

Last Saturday, the Raheny Lions lined out against St Brigid’s on 12A.  For the time of year we couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning.  Before the game Paul and Brendan reminded the lads that Blocks scored points and to hold their postions.  We started very well  applying pressure in every area of the pitch to the opposition.  With Cathal between the posts and Ultan, Ryan and Jonny in the back row, Brigid’s attack was pushed further out the field.  Ciaran Kerrisk was majestic in mid-field and was literally the engine behind the Raheny attack, with selfless running off the ball and tenacious tackling when the opposition gained possession.  Jamie and the two Mathews were fantastic upfront chasing every loose ball and teasing and constantly probing the Brigid’s defence.  Ryan injured his wrist and came off until the 2nd half. Against the run of play the Brigids attack capitalised on a fine kick out and one of their stronger lads let fly with a screamer  from 20 metres giving Cathal no chance.  The score seemed to stun the lions for a moment as the Brigid’s lads got another.

Soon after Conor answered with a fine free that went straight over the bar.  Brigids came back with a point just before the half closed leaving it all to play for in the 2nd half. In the 2nd half, Raheny went up a gear and the intensity of the tackling increased with excellent work from Max and Ultan in particular getting in some excellent blocks.  Mathew Grant put it up to the visitors with another fine strike that went sailing over the bar for another 3 points.  Oscar and Johnny tackled and chased every opportunity for their team.  It was unfortunate that Brigids finished out the game narrowly ahead.  This was despite a collective effort of tenacity and commitment from the Raheny boys.  Let the Lions roar next week.  Raheny Abú.

Raheny Giants

Report By: Kieran Doherty

Mentors: Conor Pitts, Brendan Shovlin, Tony O'Grady & Kieran Doherty

SquadJoseph Doherty, Adam Robinson, Cormac Baldwin, Adam Roberts, Dan O'Grady, John Broderick, Adam Savage, Luke McCullough, Colin McAweeney,  Rian Prizeman & Luke Kelly

So it’s goodbye to cosy Saturday lie-ins, and farewell to relaxed breakfasts with the papers, and hello to soft pitches, muddy boots but most importantly the excitement of the contest. We’re back; welcome to 2015 Under 9 Football.

On Saturday morning the Raheny Giants welcomed St Brigid’s to a soft but perfectly playable pitch 12a.

The match started brightly with some entertaining football. Luke McCullough and John Broderick imposed themselves in the middle of the pitch and provided plenty of ball to Colin McAweeney, Cormac Baldwin and Rian Prizeman who combined to kept the visiting backs busy with numerous attacks. One particularly accurate cross-field pass from Rian gave Colin the opportunity to score with a well taken hand pass point (much to the delight of the mentors who had been working on that very skill).  

At the back, Adam Roberts, Adam Robinson and Dan O’Grady were tested by the Brigid’s forwards but held strong and gave great protection to Joseph Doherty in goal.

In the second half Joseph moved into the backs to join John Broderick and Adam Robinson, and this trio, along with the supremely confident goalkeeping of Adam Roberts, restricted the opposition to only 3 scores. The second half also saw Adam Savage move to the forwards where he was very unfortunate to not find the back of the net.

One of the moves of the match was a top quality point from Rian who finished off a pin-point pass from John; however, the highlight of the contest was initiated by Luke Kelly when he took a free from within his own half and found Dan in space; Dan’s immediate control and pass allowed Luke McCullough to send the ball sailing over the bar. John also got himself on the score sheet with a couple of long range points.

The mentors had asked the boys to concentrate on their blocks and it was gratifying to see so many well-timed blocks performed to break up the opposition play. It was an impressive first performance by the Giants who scored 2 goals and eight points to record a 26-16 victory

Raheny Tigers

Report By: Donni Rossi

Squad: Brian Murray, Ryan Rossi, Cian Rossi (U8), Callum McNamara-Ryan, Martin Bishop, Peter Brazil, Dylan Strain, Evan Wynne, James Pitts and Sam

The Tigers gave their best effort on a difficult day. Unfortunately, our opposition did not stream to according to the rules for under 9s... However, all the boys gave their best with some great goal keeping from Dylan and Ryan. The defence was Made up of Luke Evan and Brian. Midfield of Sam, James and Martin and a forward line of Cian and Callum.. In the second half we had some great scores from Evan, Ryan and Martin. It was Peter Brazil's first game for the under 9s after playing with us at U7 and he had a fabulous game with huge kicks. It was a tough day. But better days lie ahead for the Tigers. Well done lads.