Skerries Harps (hurling - at home - 21/2/15)

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Raheny U9s 

 Venue:            St. Annes, pitch 12a
 Throw In: 11am
 No. of Raheny Teams: 3
 No. of Opponent Teams: 3
 WeatherBright & cold

Raheny Tigers

Report By: Brendan Shovlin

Mentors: Conor Pitts, Brendan Shovlin and John Strain

SquadAdam Savage, Cathal Shovlin, James Pitts, Joe Bonar, Tiernan O'Brien, Evan Wynne, Sam Mitchell and James Pitts.

With Skerries only having five players to field against the Tigers, it was decided to split the two teams and mix up the players leading to a colours v Whites match. Adam, Cathal Alex and Joe along with three from Skerries played on the white team while Evan, Tiernan, Sam and James with three from Skerriesplayed on the colours. What turned out was a very enjoyable,competitive match with both teams displaying the hard work that is being done in training. What was noticeable was how further developed the Raheny players were when executing the basic skills of the game with Adam, Evan and Sam all registering clean pickups and strikes with excellent efforts from Alex, James and Cathal. With Joe working tirelessly in the forward line for the whites, the match was in the balance right up to the finish however in the end goals from Tiernan and Sam pushed the colours to a deserved victory.  A great effort from all the lads. Keep up the good work everyone! 

Raheny Tigers

Report By: Tony O'Grady

Mentors: Joanne Kerrisk, Tony O'Grady & Kieran Doherty

Squad: Adam Robinson, Joseph Doherty, Conor Watters, Jack Codd, Ciaran Kerrisk, Adam Roberts, Dan O'Grady, John Broderick and Matthew Grant

The Raheny Giants welcomed the Skerries Harps team for an eagerly anticipated first hurling home game of the season. Skerries were short players and special credit must go to Adam Robinson and Joseph for agreeing to play a half each with the opposition team. On a morning when a biting wind swept across 12A this was a better option than having substitutes standing on the side of the pitch. 

This was truly a game of two halves. The first half was notable for the dominant performance by the Raheny midfield of John, Dan and Matthew. As usual, John was everywhere and set up numerous attacks with Adam Roberts unlucky not to get on the end of some of his passes. Matthew was terrier-like in the tackle and his determination to win the ball against opponents who were towering over him was brilliant to see. Jack and Conor were rock solid in defence and cleared the handful of balls that came their way. Ciaran was not tested in goal but made great use of the couple of puck outs he was required to take. Although the home team didn’t take full advantage of their dominance in the first half, they went in with a 1 goal lead thanks to a fine ground strike by Joseph.

The game turned in the second half and Raheny spent most of the half on the back foot and with one man less due to injuries to first Matthew and then John. The Skerries lads scored a couple of points from 45s and dominated possession in midfield to set up their forwards for a couple of well taken goals. The game finished on a scoreline of 2-3 to 1-0. There wasn’t much to choose between the two teams but supporting the player in the tackle and the quick jab lift are key areas for the boys to work on before the next game. 

Raheny Lions

Report By: Paul Nolan

Mentors: Paul Nolan, Tony Lawless and Padraic Kent

Squad:Ryan Kent, Jamie Nolan, Max Osborne, Matt Lawless, Matthew Dowdall, Rudi Kellett-Whelan, Colin Mc Aweeney, Callum McNamara, Brian Murray and Johnny Baldwin.

Bitterly cold conditions welcomed the Raheny Lions to St Annes Park to match up against Skerries Harps last Saturday. Firstly it's important to say a big well done to Ryan Kent who volunteered to play for Skerries Harps who were missing a few numbers and once on the pitch Ryan equipped himself very well particularly with some great defending against the Raheny attack.

In the first half it was ground hurling all the way with both sides moving the ball very quickly from one end of the pitch to the other. Great defending by Matthew Dowdall and Brian Murray ensured that Goalkeeper Jamie Nolan was untroubled. Jamie's puck outs were excellent as he found his team mates Max Osborne and Matt Lawless in space every time and Max and Matt launched attacks on the Skerries goal. Despite pressure on the Skerries goal including a few clearances off the line from Colin, Rudi and Callum, the first half finished scoreless with Raheny having the better of the play and possession.

Air hurling was introduced in the second half with Raheny player of the week to be judged based on the number of jab lifts in the half. The Raheny players showed their great skills in jab lifting the ball particularly Colin and Jamie who lifted the ball on at least three occasions each. One one such occasion, Johnny Baldwin was put through on goal by one of Colin's through balls but great defending by Skerries snuffed out the chance. Rudi and Colin continued to work hard in midfield in an attempt to grab a score for the Lions but to no avail.

Time was running out when Skerries had a late goal change which they took despite great defending from Matthew Dowdall. The referee's whistle blew immediately after that. The lions showed once again huge commitment and tremendous skills in jab lifting the sliotar that into their hand. Once the ball is in hand players must remember to burst through their opponent into space to ensure that they get a good clean hit on the ball towards the opponents goal.

Well done Lions. A great performance from every player and once again well done to Ryan.