Hurling Session Plan 16 May

posted May 16, 2012, 3:41 AM by Raheny twothousandandfour   [ updated May 16, 2012, 3:45 AM by Raheny GAA PRO ]
Pitch 9 St Annes 5.45 - 7.00

Tonights aim is to develop our stopping and striking skills.

4 stations
32 players
4 groups X 8 players
20 balls, slalom poles, cones, spare hurleys and bibs.

Warm up 6 minutes

Station 1 12 minutes

Sliothar hitters.

2 teams of 4 players. 

VITAL to observe grip, technique and striking bith sides. Correct as necessary.

Station 2 12 minutes

Striking and stopping station.

4 players face 4 players opposite.

Start striking ball on right side. Make sure baoys stop the ball using correct stopping technique. Switch to left side continuing to stop the ball correctly. 4 MINS

Try to develop drill so that boys are stopping and striking as quickly as possible with no additional touches other than the touch to stop the ball and then the strike. 4 MINS

Roll lift/Jab lift at this station for 4 minutes (jab lift for stronger players).

Station 3 12 minutes

Match station. 6 minutes Team A scores only allowed with weaker side. Switch Team B to weaker side only for scoring after 6 minutes.

Station 4 12 minutes

Target practice station.

Set up 3 goals one left, one centre, one right.

4 Players to shoot at targets. 4 players behind targets to retrieve balls.

Coach to call out targets and players to shoot at target. Keep score. Switch after 6 minutes, ball retrievers become shooters.

ALL - Wrap Up 5 minutes, get players in, discuss training, let parents know details for matches Saturday.