Gaelic Football Training Plan 16 Jan 2013

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Gaelic Football session 16 Jan 2013 Raheny Astro

Start 6pm

Finish 7pm




Bibs, cones, goals, 16 balls (1ball to 2 players). Skill card for punt kick, high catch.


Divide players into groups based on skills. Green White & Orange. Split Orange group in two. Smaller groups of beginners for more attention. So strongest group should have 10/12 in it. Less skilled groups should have max 6. Skill card to be left at each station for oncoming mentor and group.

Warm up 7 minutes - Joe.

Station 1 Wall 10 minutes

Players in pairs. Players take turns to kick ball against wall at a height that can be caught overhead by 2nd player. In smaller groups player kicks ball against wall and catches overhead himself.

See overhead catch skill card for technique.

For Orange group player kicks ball at wall and catches ball himself.

Station 2 Punt kick practise the technique 10 minutes

Partner Kick

Players in pairs.
Players to punt kick to partner at different height. First 3 minutes chest height. Next 3 minutes over head height for high catch.

See punt kick skill card for technique.

Station 3 Punt kick Develop the skill 10 mins

Hit the Cones
Players in 2 teams. Teams attempt to knock over the balls on cones using the punt kick.

Stronger groups switch legs kick with weaker foot.

See punt kick skill card for game.


Station 4 1/3 the pitch 10 mins

One goal. Only points count. Score must be made from inside central scoring zone. 3 passes before score can be attempted. 2 passes for Orange group


Matches/Dynamic Stretching 10 mins

Conclude with 8 a side matches. Half the players do dynamic stretching then switch over to match and vice versa.

Warm Down 3 mins - Joe

.NK 16/1/13