Football Training Plan 23 May Pitch 9

posted May 22, 2012, 1:44 PM by Raheny twothousandandfour   [ updated May 22, 2012, 1:44 PM by Web Admin ]
4 stations
32 players
4 groups X 8 players
20 balls, slalom poles, cones and bibs.

Warm up 6 minutes

Station 1 12 minutes

Very small pitch. 20m sq.

Hand pass match station. Working on hand pass technique, movement and vision (passing). To score player must run through the goals with ball in hand. NO KICKING at this station.

5 minutes, only allow one bounce OR one solo.
5 minutes allow one bonuce AND one solo.

Keep score.

Station 2 12 minutes

Weak foot/ weak hand station.

4 players face 4 players opposite.

Start hand passing with weak hand from one player to his partner opposite, 4 minutes. Work on technique make sure ball is retained in hand and struck to partner.

Change to kicking short low pass to partner opposite. Again work on technique. 4 mins

Change to kicking punt pass into players chest. Again work on technique. 4 minutes.

Station 3 12 minutes

Match station. 6 minutes scores only allowed with weaker foot. Switch to all in after 6 minutes.

Station 4 12 minutes

Target practice station.

Set up 3 goals one left, one centre, one right.

4 Players to shoot at targets. 4 players behind targets to retrieve balls.

Coach to call out targets and players to shoot at target. Keep score. Switch after 6 minutes, ball retrievers become shooters.

ALL - Wrap Up 5 minutes, get players in, discuss training, let parents know details for matches Saturday.